This site is made to share and everybody is invited to do so!

Adding to this site

Everybody is heartily encouraged to add his or her knowledge/experience/opinion by forking the GitHub repository, and submitting a pull request.

Tutorials, tips&tricks, etc. are welcome as well.

Adding to solutions

Bugfixes, new features, more documentation an/or test are welcome additions to all projects. Here is how to share:

  1. Fork the repository of the solution
  2. Add your changes. Update/create tests where applicable.
  3. Update the README
  4. Open a pull request, and state that you put the change under the same license as the original license.

Adding a new repository

New solutions in dedicated repositories can either be added to the, or just be linked to from the website.

Linking to existing repositories/sites

New repositories/sites can be linked to from the website. This is a good idea, if you want to add a reference to existing project that either does not belong to you, or that you do not want to move to

Adding new repositories

If you want to add a repository to the organisation on GitHub, please contact me via GitHub. The only requirements are that the repository fits theme wise (ssh), and the license fits. Preferred are licenses that easily allow the corporate users to use the solution, and contribute to it. E.g. BSD 2/3-clause, APL, etc.